under | above

© Saulius Bulavas_0

‘under | above’ is an unforeseeable act for architectural exploration.
Three architectural study trips overlapped in one 35′ film.
From Norway to Switzerland to United States.

© Saulius Bulavas_1

le corbusier |in| venice beach

© Saulius Bulavas_2

L.A. skate |for| rehab – herzog and de meuron

© Saulius Bulavas_3

vitra stairs |to| venice beach

© Saulius Bulavas_4

herzog & de meuron |goes| comercial cocacola

© Saulius Bulavas_5

palms |for| vitra – frank gehry

© Saulius Bulavas_6

snow |in| chapel – peter zumthor

© Saulius Bulavas_7

california |for| housing – peter zumthor

© Saulius Bulavas_8

swiss summer |or| norwegian snow

© Saulius Bulavas_9

snøhetta |now| green

© Saulius Bulavas_11

seattle |in| village

© Saulius Bulavas_15

rolex center – sanaa |through| eames house

© Saulius Bulavas_13

walking |on| shaulager – herzog and de meuron

all images © bulavas